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Review: Interference

Interference - Amélie Antoine, Maren Baudet-Lackner

Interference by Amélie Antoine is a top quality mystery suspense with one, OMG no that didn’t happen twist ending. This book will appeal to those who enjoyed Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train. The main protagonist, Chloe is a real piece of work. The question throughout more than half the novel is whether she’s dead or not. When you find that out, and what happens after, it throws you for a loop. Also, her beloved husband Gabriel suffers horribly that you want to hug him close and tell him everything will be okay. And everything will be okay one he takes matters into his own hands.


Gabriel and Chloe are a dedicated couple, still in love, and extremely happy after five years of marriage. One morning when Gabriel goes to work, he has no clue that his life is going to be torn apart. Something has happened to Chloe. She has drowned, and Gabriel is destroyed. Around the same time of Chloe’s death, Emma arrives. She’s a photographer who is trying to figure out what she wants in life. She meets Gabriel, and soon they become friends. In less than six months they’re lovers, and Gabriel is thinking of moving on from losing Chloe and giving Emma a shot. But then something so shocking and disturbing happens regarding Chloe’s death, and the entire story behind it will turn Gabriel’s life upside down once again.


Interference had my jaw dropping as I read. I can’t saw why because it would give away the ultimate spoiler on why this book is so good. Gabriel is the ultimate victim here. The whys and how’s of Chloe’s death is disgusting and appalling, including Emma’s possible role in it. When everything is revealed, the story goes in another direction regarding Gabriel. How he reacts, and the decision he makes with Chloe is a true shocker. The last chapter is one of the best numbing and chilling endings I’ve read in a long time. The person who does this last final deed as a form of revenge is one you may cheer for because of the emotional manipulation they have undergone on behalf of an individual who ends up losing it all because of greed.


Interference is one of the best books I’ve read in 2016. It kept me on my toes and made my mind spin because of the final outcome that again is one humdinger of an ending that will make you gasp in shock, or perhaps stand up in cheer. A must read!