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Review: Rookie Move

— feeling star
Rookie Move (A Brooklyn Bruisers Novel) - Sarina Bowen

Rookie Move (Brooklyn Brusiers #1) by Sarina Bowen is a lovers reunited/ sports romance with one of the best heroes I’ve read all year. I really enjoyed the hockey culture set in Brooklyn, NY, and the main couple who are adorable together, especially the aw shucks, completely loyal to the heroine hero, who loves calling the heroine, “my girl” even though they were high school sweethearts who broke up before college.


Georgia works for the Brooklyn Bruisers, a renamed hockey team that was bought by a billionaire. Her father is their new coach, and she does most of the PR, hoping for the top publicist spot. She loves her job, but it becomes a lot harder for her when her former high school sweetheart, Leo is brought on the team. He’s the new rookie who has his work cut out for him. Not only does he have to show how talented he is so he doesn’t get cut or traded, but deal with a coach who hates his guts, and Georgia, his one true love. She was the girl who got away. He wanted to marry her even back in high school, but when she’s raped her senior year, she ends up breaking up with him. Now that he’s back, he’s going to fight for them because they deserve to be together.


Georgia is under a lot of stress because not only does she have to prove herself (much like Leo does), she has to be the buffer between her father and Leo. Her father can’t stand Leo, for reasons that are explained toward the end of the story, but she is trying to keep Leo at arm’s length. It’s obvious he wants her back, and will pull out all the stops to show her how much he still loves her. She wants to keep it professional because she doesn’t date hockey players, especially ones for the team she works for, but Leo breaks down her defenses.


Soon these two can’t keep their hands off of one another, but they have to keep their second chance at love affair a secret until the trade deadline passes, and keep Georgia’s father in the dark, who blames Leo for leaving Georgia after her assault without a care.

Rookie Move is the perfect romance for hockey fans ala romance author, Rachel Gibson. Leo is the type of hero you want to put in your pocket and hold close because he’s so cute, sweet, and beyond smitten with Georgia. She can’t help herself but fall in his arms because he’s so wonderful. Leo straddles the middle between a beta and an alpha. When these two hit the sheets, it’s scorching. No complaints there.


The only issue I had is that Georgie’s rape in high school is glossed over. It’s mention a few times, but feels unresolved. All we know is that she went away for some sort of camp on a college campus one weekend and was raped. It’s the catalyst that tears her and Leo apart, but it felt tacked on just to give a reason why these two broke up. I wanted more of a resolution on Georgia’s trauma, and why her father seems to hate Leo, as if he was the reason for Georgia’s attack.


Rookie Move is a solid romance with a loveable hero who I couldn’t get enough of. This is a great start to a sports hockey series I can’t wait to continuing reading.