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Review: Heart-Shaped Hack

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Heart-Shaped Hack - Tracey Garvis-Graves

Kate gave up her career as lawyer to be a director to a food bank. She loves her job, but it’s hard for her because so many families need essentials, such as food and clothes. She decides to go on television during a news broadcast to raise awareness, and to hopefully receive donations for the food bank. Soon after an anonymous individual leaves a thousand dollars in cash in an envelope at the food bank. This continues to happen, and Kate is anxious to find out who her generous benefactor is. One night she catches the generous soul leaving the cash. His name is Ian, and because he saw Kate on TV, he wanted to help. But he also has an ulterior motive. He wants to get to know Kate because he finds her attractive. Kate isn’t so sure about Ian, who won’t give her his last name, but there’s something about him she finds appealing.


Ian is tenacious when it comes to getting Kate to agree to date him. He finds her at her favorite local café because he followed her purchases on-line. Sounds like a stalker, right? But the way Ian explains his hacking sounds normal. He has his own on-line business, and does undercover hacking work for the FBI, but he’s still mysterious to Kate. Ian thinks of himself as a Robin Hood type figure who tries to help those less fortunate, such as giving money to Kate’s food bank. There’s just something about Ian that’s very appealing to Kate, so she gives him a shot. They go out on dates, and the like. Soon they can’t stop seeing and texting one another. Ian let’s Kate into his life, and opens up to her, even though he’ll disappear for days at a time because of his work with the government.

Soon Ian and Kate are heads over heels in love. Kate believes Ian is THE ONE, and wants forever with him. But something tragic happens that may destroy her happiness with Ian, leaving her with a broken heart.


Heart-Shaped Hack (Kate and Ian #1) by Tracey Garvis Graves has a hero and heroine who have hearts of gold. They are both so selfless and sacrifice in order to help others who need it. Ian has a great personality right off the bat, so it’s understandable why Kate would fall for hi. Kate is also well written. These two have great chemistry. Their love scenes are sensual and steamy. The overall plot kept my interested until the very end, even with the big shocking twist toward the end.


Tracey Garvis-Graves has a great storytelling skill, especially when it comes to contemporary fiction and romance. This is one book with a great couple and story I would recommend anyone read.