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Review: Heartthrob

— feeling cyclop
Heartthrob (Hollywood Hearts, #1) - Belinda  Williams

Heartthrob (Hollywood Hearts #1) by Belinda Williams is your typical contemporary romance set in Hollywood with a down to earth heroine who is romanced by a “heartthrob” actor; the ultimate Prince Charming. Jacob Swan, the actor love interest has a name I can’t stop thinking about because Jacob and Swan reminds me of the book, Twilight. But that’s just me. who may have this issue The first half of Heartthrob is engaging as the heroine, Ally gets to know Jacob. But then it becomes stale because of a tacked on stalker, as well as Ally and Jacob going from a PG romance to a more R-Rated one with a very point A to point B type love scenes that have a been, there, done that feel. The sensuality factor of the love scenes took away from the cuteness of the story and really were out of place.


Ally comes to California to stay with her best friend Lena, a high profile actress. Ally will design Lena’s dresses for all the upcoming movie award shows of the season. Lena is pretty much the same type of person Ally grew up with, although she has gone through a somewhat bad divorced with a big time producer who found Lena, and is 25 years her senior. But overall Lena is doing pretty well for herself. Ally feels like a duck out of water because she has always stayed closed to home, giving up her fashion design career to help her parents. But this is her shot to make a name for herself, and stretch her wings. Then she meets Jacob Swan, Hollywood’s current heartthrob. Jacob is a sweetheart who goes out of his way to help Ally get situated and comfortable with the Hollywood lifestyle. They start out as friends, and then venture into dating territory, which then turns into something more. They become lovers. But then Ally is targeted by someone who isn’t happy she’s either dating with Jacob or designing dresses for Lena. Now she has to be on guard because it looks like she may be the target of some disturbed individual who wants her out of the picture.


Heartthrob should appeal to those that like romances set in Hollywood with a down to earth girl who catches her dream man, aka a big time actor who has a heart of gold. Other than the stalker element, there isn’t much tension here. Everything for Ally runs smoothly, perhaps too smoothly. Even when she and Jacob become lovers, it doesn’t really add any wow to the story. And as I mentioned above, the love scenes are very underwhelming and out of place because of the sensuality factor. They felt tacked on to keep the reader’s interest or for those who want hot sex in their romance, even though this romance had a more sweet feel to it. Once the descriptive sex was added, Heartthrob lost it’s appeal to me.


The ending is pretty much a stereotypical one with it’s HEA. All’s well that ends well for Ally and Jacob. Overall a tepid read that leaves you with a ho-hum feel.