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Enslaved by a Viking - Delilah Devlin At first glance, Enslaved by a Viking (The New Icelandic Chronicles #2) may seem to be a straight up erotic romance with too much sex and a miniscule plot. There’s definitely sex on almost every page, and when the characters aren’t having sex, they’re thinking about it. But there’s an actual plot and not just smut. Delilah Devlin can sure combine sensuality and eroticism with a nice balance of action and drama. She does that here with Enslaved by a Viking. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it because for me as a reader, a book can’t be sustained and enjoyable by sex alone.Enslaved by a Viking is set in an alternate universe that's comparable to a lost in space adventure. The heir to the Icelandic throne (Iceland is a planet in this one) is prince Eirik Ulfhednar, a Viking who has been kidnapped with some of his men to be used in horrible ways. He was tricked by Fatin, a bounty hunter who came to his planet, pretended to be a whore and while she was seducing him, was able to get the upper hand. Now Eirik will be forced to become a sex-thrall for Aliyah, a Madam of a brothel on the planet, Helio. As a sex-thrall, Eirik will be forced to pleasure both men and women. Vikings are lusty creatures and you’d think they would be all gung-ho with having so many women at their disposal, but because Eirik’s freedom has been taken away, he’s more than angry. He’ll find a way to escape and then take his revenge out on Fatin.Fatin was once a sex-thrall for Aliyah but was able to buy her freedom. Her sister Zarah is still in Aliyah’s service. Fatin wants to buy Zarah, but Aliyah sets the price to high, so that’s why Fatin has taken the Vikings for Aliyah regardless of the danger. Zarah is a much coveted addition to Aliyah’s pleasure house. Fatin will do whatever she can to save Sarah even if it means having Eirik hate her.Eirik bides his time and does what Aliyah wants (she has a special way to keep him in line). He’s also surprised that Fatin lurks around and is not afraid of him. He comes to realize that she’s hiding something and had a reason for his capture. He’s also very attractive to her, even though he wants to punish her for her betrayal. Slowly Fatin begins to trust him and tells him why she must act the way that she does. Both will team up to bring down Aliyah and rescue Zarah while trying not to fall in love, although they may have no choice in the matter because they can’t stop enjoying each other’s bodies every chance they get.I really have to hand it to Delilah for her world building and terminology. Enslaved by a Viking is quite the sci-fi adventure tale. Things are intense here from the emotions displayed to the amount of sex that occurs. Eirik and Fatin have a bond straight from the beginning. This plot trope is well known in romance because Fatin has the magic hoo haa. The moment Eirik slides home in Fatin’s magic hoo haa, he’s a goner. His heart belongs to her (before he admits it) although he’s forced to service women. You’d also think there would be a few sex scenes with male on male sex because it’s pointed out by Aliyah that Eirik would also have to service men, but that’s never shown. I found that odd, although there is a very short and subtly written lesbian scene between a female patron and Zarah. Delilah is a pro at writing straight sex. I’d love to see what she could do with a M/M or a F/F romance.The sex is plenty, but it’s pretty much vanilla, meaning more missionary positions and nothing too kinky or disturbing. There are a lot of gyrating bodies and fluids being shared, pooled, flooded or dripping in any which way. Also Eirik and Fatin are great together both naked and when they’re swiping insults at one another.These two are also chatty when they’re intimate.Some of the prose is a bit on the purple side. How about an example?Arousal seeped from inside her.His gave darted down to the fingers stroking her labia. He tunneled one long digit inside. “Sweetheart, you’re wet.”She rolled her eyes. “Of course I am. I’m filled with your seed.”“This is you. It’s warm, thin.” He bent and licked between her folds. “Delicious.”She snorted. “Again, you take flattery too far.”“But I’m thirsty for your essence.”If you don’t mind dialogue like this, or actually enjoy it, you’ll like Enslaved by a Viking.This lusty Vikings in space tale was a pretty solid read with some kick to it with many weeping women folds and drippy manhood tools. A nice change of pace for me and perhaps a book where you may feel the same.