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DNF Review: Trouble

Trouble - Samantha Towle

DNFed by chapter 3. I usually don't rate books I DNF but the start of this book made me rage and is so over the top. Heroine was abused by dead daddy and is bulimic. She has a rich, handsome lawyer boyfriend who does over the top abuse to her from the moment we meet him. He beats her so much and yet she isn't admitted into the hospital and has visible bruises that never heal. Then she catches him with another woman and he says she'll take his cheating and expects her to do threesomes AND welcome his beatings and abuse because she's a victim and he feels he has a right to treat her like crap because he just can.

So eye rolling and a very sick way to grab the reader's attention to keep them reading. So sick of the horrendous abuse the heroine receives to show how damaged and broken the heroine is.


Readers deserve better than this.