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Review: While Snowbound

While Snowbound - Anna J. McIntyre

While Snowbound is a cute sexy little book well suited for the winter reading season. It features Ella, a self published romance author who wants some peace a quiet in order to write her next book. Other than her trusty dog, Ella thinks she’ll have her solitude in a cabin in the woods. What she doesn’t expect is a snow storm that delivers the hottest rock star of the moment- Brady Gates on her doorstep. Brady wants to get away from the paparazzi and fans that are making him crazy. He initially meets Ella at a gas station and thinks she’ll be all over him because of his celebrity status. But Ella isn’t really interested in him, and thinks he’s rude and condescending for no reason. Unfortunately for Ella, Brady gets lost in a snowstorm while driving to his cabin. She ends up rescuing him. He’s then stuck with her because of the blizzard. There’s no TV, internet or even phone service, and the power shuts on and off. Brady goes a little stir crazy but Ella is there to keep him company when she’s not busy writing. Soon these two establish a tentative friendship which evolves in something more meaningful.


Ella tries to ignore her attraction to Brady because she feels he won’t be able to commit to her the way she wants to. Ella is a romantic and wants a happily ever after with a man who she can trust, love and grow old with. Brady isn’t that, or so she believes, but Brady wants to prove Ella wrong. Closed up in a cabin snowbound allows them both to bond, and soon Ella is falling for Brady and his promises of a possible future for them. But then the storm passes and that’s when real life intrudes again in the form of the crazy paparazzi who will now target Ella because of her relationship with Brady.


While Snowbound is perfect for fans of seemingly egotistical rock star heroes, who eventually thaw into Prince Charmings when the somewhat innocent and optimist heroine gets to know the true man inside. Ella and Brady’s attraction and how they act on it is very believable even though they have only known each other for less than a week. I really enjoyed their banter and dialogue and how they end up falling for one another. The sensuality factor here is more on the subtle side, but the love scenes won’t disappoint.


 Anna J. McIntyre  has written an enjoyable opposites attract romance. While Snowbound really hit the spot for me. Do check this one out.