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Review: Last Hit

Last Hit - Jessica Clare, Jen Frederick

A solid read overall. Nick and Daisy have great chemistry, and Nick is the ultimate giver and all about Daisy's pleasure (masterful with his tongue and mouth if you get my meaning ;)). He is a shady stalker hit man though, but if you can get past his killing, you will adore him. The way he treats Daisy is adorable and endearing, and he has a great flavorful voice.

I did find the suspense element a little bland and the ending went on for too long, as well as being a little too pat, but I totally got behind Nick and Daisy as a unit. Their HEA was very aww and swoonworthy.

Readers who enjoy heroes who live on the edge of society and work in the shadows, and heroines who are sweet, idealistic virgins (who want some hot loving ASAP) will eat this one up.

Jen and Jessica are a great writing duo and I look forward to more from them.