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Review: Bully

Bully (Fall Away) - Penelope Douglas

I had so many issues why this didn't work for me. I was raging most of the time. This romanticizes abuse in an unbelievable way. You really feel sorry for the heroine at the end of the novel because she allows her abuser to get away with harassing and tormenting her just because she never got over her crush on him before he became a psychopath.

The heroine has big issues to be attracted to a high school senior boy ho who has extreme emotional problems and threatens and abuses the heroine to the point he should be in jail. The reasons why (which makes no sense on why he targets the heroine) when revealed is ridiculous and eye rolling laughable. Also the first love scene shared between the bully and heroine is straight out of an erotic romance. We're talking, graphic, purple prose, raunchy sex. The bully love interest has sexual moves more suited for a man double his age.

Love does not heal all wounds here, especially when so much is told and not shown.

Also the convenient, let's have a drunk, MIA mother (Bully's) and a missing father (heroine's) away on a trip for months (heroine's father and lets his 17 year old daughter alone with no adult supervision (except for grandma stopping by) is a convenient and very annoying plot point that has been done time and again in young adult novels.

This is also set in high school, so I don't understand why it's categorized as New Adult. Most of the actions and reactions here are not what normal teens would do.

Utterly cringe worthy with no redeemable characters or anything recommendable. This should be considered more of a tragedy than a romance because the villain aka the bully wins in the end.