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Review: Blitzing Emily

Blitzing Emily: A Love and Football Novel - Julie Brannagh

I’m always on the lookout for light and fluffy contemporary romance, with a little drama mixed in, but not too much where I want to chuck the book against the wall. Julie Brannagh has definitely caught my eye with her debut, Blitzing Emily, the first book in her Love and Football series. The heroine Emily meets the hero, Brandon, the superstar football hunk under the most interesting of circumstances. It’s Valentine’s Day and Emily is delivering a very expensive flower arrangement to Brandon. Emily’s sister is a florist, and Emily is helping her sister out with the delivery. Unfortunately for Emily, she slips on some ice in the stadium parking lot and ends up with a concussion. Brandon feels guilty for her fall because he scared her because he thought she was another one of his crazy female fans. Brandon takes Emily to the hospital, and because all her friends are out celebrating Valentine’s Day with their significant others, she has no one to spend the night at her place to watch over her (she refuses to stay in the hospital). Brandon offers to take care of her, and then things become very complicated for both.


Brandon makes the mistake of saying he’s Emily’s fiancé to the hospital staff. The press is quick to pick up on it. Emily is more than willing to correct the mistake, but Brandon wants her to go along with it for a little while. If it looks like Brandon is settling down, it may help his contract negotiations with his team (he has a big reputation as a ladies man). It also helps Emily with her career as an opera diva. She gives in, and will go along with this sneaky plan of Brandon’s, who goes out of his way to take Emily on dates and dotes on her to his friends and family, including her own. All too soon this fake relationship becomes the real deal. But Emily was always dead set against marriage because of her parents’ divorce and how dedicated she is to her career as a singer where marriage and kids don’t really mix. Over the next few months, Brandon becomes a big part of her life, so much so that she’s rethinking her plans, and may want to make their fake engagement a real one.


Blitzing Emily has a nice courtship feel to it. Brandon and Emily’s strangers to friends who eventually become a couple scenario spans months, which is something unique. There’s no insta-love here, although Brandon is smitten with Emily right away.

The dialogue is snappy and engaging, and Brandon and Emily connect on a great level. Everything was running smoothly for me, and I was ready to give this a solid “B” grade, but the ending went on forever. There’s a sudden soap opera type plot device that occurs to separate Brandon and Emily just to make more drama, which I’m not a big fan of at all. Because of this I lowered my grade to a B-. But even with personal annoyance with the end, I had a ball reading Blitzing Emily. I think this would be great as a Lifetime or Hallmark movie.

If you enjoy sports romances or contemporary romances with an engaging main couple, do check this one out.