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Review: Broken

Broken - Alina Man, Amber Bungo

"I contemplate weather to answer it."


This is the line on page 30 that made me do a double take. The author in her acknowledgments thanked her editor, so I assumed Broken had been edited. Unless Mother Nature can contemplate an answer for the heroine, I have come to the conclusion this book wasn't edited at all.


There are other examples to prove this book was poorly edited. It's also poorly written and should have never been published as is. It reads much like a first draft. There is a lack of comma placement, as in no comma used when a person is mentioned a sentence as they are talked to. There is also overuse of names used when a person, mainly the heroine is talking to that person. The writing is very convoluted and hard to follow. Also the abundance of "babe" and "baby" is grating. The heroine's thoughts are all over the place and the introduction of her love interest doesn't really make sense.


All of this occurs in the first 3 chapters.


Major writing and editing fail here.


Don't waste your money.