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Review: Reaver

Reaver - Larissa Ione

This one was heavier on the action and suspense rather than the main couple lusting and having sex every which way,. But Reaver and Harvester do get their sexy times on, although no as much as the past couples in this series. The world building here is amazing, and you won't be confused at all. I felt like this was a on a road, travel type of romance because Reaver goes into Hell to save Harvester. These two snipe at one another and have major trust issues because of their past and the horrible things they both have done to one another. Unfortunately Reaver lost his memory and can only remember the last 30 years, not the 5,000. Because of this, he has no idea how important Harvester is to him. That's a mega twist you may not see coming regarding Reaver and Harvester's true relationship. You finally understand why Harvester has so many issues with Reaver and you'll hurt for her.


There are too many characters with the names that begin with the letter "R" from Reaver to Revenant (nasty fellow at the start but he grows on you. His story should be next and it has me very interested) and Raphael who puts a wrench into Harvester and Reaver's relationship. That was my main issue here. I got confused a few times, especially when Reaver and Reveant were in the same scene. Also a new character shows up names Blaspheme, a nurse at UGH. I wonder if Larissa and JR Ward take notes together on the quirkiest names they can come up with for their characters?


If you like heavy actions more so than multiple love scenes, which again aren't as plenty here as in Larissa's past novels, you'll enjoy Reaver. Overall another enjoyable tale from Larissa.