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Review: Perfect Lie

Perfect Lie - Teresa Mummert

This story and the characters grated on my nerves. The heroine (nicknamed Lie) is the type you want to smack because she can't get over the horrible life she has been dealt. She's the product of rape, and because of that she is a consent mess. I don't know how she gets into college, which isn't really explained because she has no money, although it appears she has enough to spend on drugs and alcohol. I can't understand how she even graduated high school. She acts out, but it's more like a spoiled brat, not a rebel. She goes to therapy, but even that doesn't seem well researched or realistic.


Lie met her soul mate Brock in high school when they were forced to live in a teen home/center for a while. Not sure if this was a place for runaway teens or those who broke the law. Lie is there because her mother can't stand her. Brock is there because he steals and for some reason Brock likes Lie and they end up bonding. Brock is uber sweet and protective to Lie, but the reason why they aren't together now isn't revealed until the very end. This is shocking but it comes out of left field. Let's just say Lie was bullied in high school and Brock makes them all pay, although we don't get many insight on how she was bullied other than some school mate telling Lie she should die.


Present day Lie is now in college and meets Abel, a drug dealer who takes it upon himself to look out for Lie. Back and forth they do this foreplay type dance where Lie lashes out at Abel, she runs away, but he chases her. Wash, rinse repeat. Lie continues to think of Brock, she's depressed and needs an escape from her horrible life. Abel tries to get Lie to open up to him and why she is so destroyed and ruined. Nothing much happens in this story other than Abel and Lie talking, eating, drugs, drinking and more talking,


The end is abrupt and feels unfinished. I really couldn't remember much of what I read because it was very dull and overall uneventful.


Pass on this one.