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Review: The Killer Wore Leather

The Killer Wore Leather: A Mystery - Laura Antoniou

The Killer Wore Leather by Laura Antoniou is a dark comedy of sorts that I can see being played on stage (or as an episode on a police procedural TV show like Law and Order or CSI). Laura is a well known author of BDSM fiction. She pushes the envelope with her characters and the world she creates, but she has a flair for comedy that allows the reader to feel comfortable in what they read. The Killer Wore Leather brings to light an engaging cast of characters who have their own unique, and at times, zany personalities in a setting that’s usually not written about. A murder has taken place at the Mr. and Mr. Global Leather contest that occurs at a convention in a NYC hotel where all type of BDSM and kinky role playing goes on. The winner of last year’s Global Leather contest, Mack Steel, the egotistical and very rude type of leather celebrity is found dead from multiple stab wounds in his room. The big surprise other than being slashed to pieces is that Mack was only wearing girly yellow panties, something he doesn’t own or would never wear. Detective Rebecca Feldblum is called in to investigate the crime. Rebecca is dedicated to her job but isn’t really knowledgeable or comfortable about this community, even though her boss and fellow cops think she would be right at home because she’s a lesbian. Regardless of their stereotyping, Rebecca takes her job seriously and will find the killer.


Mack wasn’t well liked at all, and anyone at the convention is a suspect, even his dedicated slave boy, Paul or possibly his former ex-lover, Guiliano, who knows some dark secrets about Mack that could have ruined Mack’s reputation. Maybe it’s Earl who runs the contest and convention, or one of the Bootblacks Mack insulted. There’s also Mistress Lysande who won Ms. Global Leather, including her husband who disliked Mack because of something horrible he did Mistress Lysande. As Rebecca interviews and grills the attendees, she sees her ex-girlfriend, Trudy, who has embraced this strange lifestyle. What if Rebecca’s ex-lover is the killer?


The Killer Wore Leather is unlike most of the books I’ve read this year. I found myself giggling because the antics of the character, which are many. We’re given great insight into the world of kinky BDSM play with a side of the leather community and the vast roles these people embrace because they need an outlet from their everyday lives. Laura has such a skill at writing great dialogue and laying out the action in such a way where you won’t find yourself confused at all. I had no clue who the killer was until the very end. The mystery is planned incredibly well. There ‘s a touch of romance as well for some. Rebecca saves the day and reaps the rewards in a very satisfying conclusion.


Laura hit a home run here, and I would love to see The Killer Wore Leather optioned for a television movie. One of my top ten favorite reads of this year.