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Review: All Of Me

All of Me - Gina Sorelle

Has an interesting premise about a very tortured and damaged hero who is afraid of intimacy and the heroin who enters his life and shows him how to love. Unfortunately the hero needs major therapy. He has a horrible temper and verbally attacks the heroine who wants the best for him. I almost ended up throwing this book against the wall because the hero does something very horrible to the heroine toward the end. His reaction to something that happens to the heroine make him a sad, pathetic character and at that point I felt the heroine would have been better alone than stay with the hero.

The HEA is all pat and tidy but I couldn't believe it. The hero would continue to make the heroine's life miserable because of his trust issues and being emotionally unstable because of his past.

A very lacking romance. Big pass on this one.