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Review: Compromising Willa

Compromising Willa - Diana Quincy

This had so much promise but then went down hill fast. Diana does have a great historical voice, but there are so many cliches and ridiculous tropes in this story. How many historical romances have I read where the hero finds the heroine half-naked, bathing in some river? Also the hero, as the second son, makes his fortune in India. Been there, done that.

What I thought I would get was an intriguing love triangle with the heroine's former childhood love who wants to reclaim her after his father dies. I thought their history would be interesting, as to why he couldn't marry her before and now comes back into the picture, but it was nothing new. He slowly becomes a one-dimensional cliche twirling mustache villain who can only get aroused if he abuses poor female servants, and even than he can't finish the job because it's revealed he's gay and ended up raping a male student when he was in school. As to why he lusts after the heroine, that's not fully explained. There's no real reason why he wants the heroine. Also making the villain a sexual deviant and possibly homosexual really turned me off as a reader. I wish he was treated in a more sympathetic light, which would have been a much better romance for our hero and heroine, but probably wouldn't have succeeded because their personalities are underdeveloped. The heroine is too snappish and very unlikable. The chemistry is also very ho hum and the payoff doesn't deliver.