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Review: Rushing Amy

Rushing Amy - Julie Brannagh

Rushing Amy is the second book in Julie Brannagh’s Love and Football series. The first book, Blitzing Emily is one I enjoyed. These two books are recommended for fans of contemporary romance that have heroes involved in sports, (here it’s football) and mature and independent heroines. Rushing Amy features florist, Amy, the sister of the heroine from Blitzing Emily. Amy is single thirty-something who owns and operates her own business. Her sister has just married the man of her dreams, and Amy is feeling a bit lonely. Her last relationship was a big disappointment, but she really doesn’t have time to date because her florist shop takes up all her time. She ends up meeting ex-NFL star, Matt after the wedding. He purposely came late, but when he spots Amy he asks her to have a drink with him at the hotel bar. Amy already has a few drinks in her, but since Matt is cute and flirty, she takes a chance and ends up very tipsy. Matt doesn’t take advantage and puts her to bed in the hopes of seeing her again. Matt likes Amy and wants to get to know her better. He thinks wining and dining will do the trick. But Amy blocks him because she thinks he’s a player (when it comes to romance, not sports). Matt refuses to back down and won’t let up until Amy gives in.

Matt is as close as a gentleman as you can get. He has a good relationship with his ex-wife and even a better relationship with his teenage daughter. Matt has the money, the respect and much love from his family and friends. But what he doesn’t have is Amy, who for some reason won’t give him a chance and go out with him. Matt is tenacious and pulls out all the stops when it comes to romancing Amy in the hopes they can have something wonderful together.


Rushing Amy is just as good as Blitzing Emily in regards to well rounded characters you can connect with. Amy has been burned by love before and she’s afraid Matt is going to use her and then dump her, although there’s nothing in his personality or actions that proves that. Matt is an overall lovable and good guy any woman would love to date. Matt wants to date Amy and not just get her into his bed. He and Amy get to know one another over a period of time (much like the main couple in Blitzing Emily), and from that they connect and fall in love.


Rushing Amy is more on the sweeter and subtle, which I didn’t mind at all.”Lovable” is the key word here. There’s some drama added toward the end that was almost an eye rolling moment for me, but it was resolved to my liking.


Do check out Rushing Amy, including Blitzing Emily in this fun and sporty series.