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Review: Fury of the Demon

Fury of the Demon - Diana Rowland

I've been such a fan of this series, and the last book blew my ever loving mind away, but Fury of the Demon was a big fail for me. I'm now second guess if I should continue reading this series. This book is more like filler and doesn't add anything substantial to the story arc. By page 100 I was bored.


Kara's new love interest, Mzatal is ho-hum. I don't see why she is so stuck on him. In the last book when he was introduced I felt even then he was lacking, and when Kara jumped on board with him, I did a double take. The chemistry Kara has with Mzatal just isn't as strong. She also says she loves him. What? After a few months? This new romantic relationship feels forced. I felt the bond she had with Rhyzkahl (I do like the new twist with him) made more sense.


I also found myself confused by all the new demon characters with names I can't follow.


Maybe this is just series fatigue for me. I slogged through until the last page and when I finished reading, I seriously couldn't remember anything amazing that made me love these books with Kara and the colorful cast of characters.


The shine is gone for me. Fury of the Demon might be my curtain call for this series.