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Review: Incomplete

Incomplete - Lindy Zart

I love stories about unrequited love, but the immaturity and over the top angst of Grayson and his self flagellation about not being good enough for his best friend and love of his life, Lily was ridiculous. The way Grayson acts doesn't make any sense. The author tries to show why Grayson has such low self esteem because his mother is an alcoholic and distant father, but it fails because his parents are more like wallpaper if anything.


There's nothing admirable or amazing about Grayson. He is portrayed as very annoying and more spoiled than anything. The push and pull with him and Lily is another thing that doesn't make any sense. He wants her but refuses to act on his feelings just because. but then when Lily acts on her feelings and accepts Grayson, she pushes him away for no reason. The angst has no real meaning or depth here and there isn't any real meat or actual story underneath this tepid and poorly executed tale.


This reads more like a first draft if anything and should have been rewritten and revised many times over before it was ready for publication.


Big pass.