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Review: Natural Harmony

Natural Harmony (Confession Records) - Kate Roth

Enjoyable contemporary romance about the music industry, featuring, Sabrina, a former pop star at age 18 who after a big hit record loses her fame. She ends up working for her uncle who owns the record label that she was with. Ten years later, Sabrina has made a name for herself signing acts. She's having a long term love affair with her manager Beau, who was her first lover when she turned 18. He's older than her and treats her only as a friends with benefits. Sabrina wants more, other than great sex.


Sabrina's uncle has cancer and he is going to take time off and make Sabrina the new president of the record label. She hired a 21 year old as her assistant. Wade, who used to have a big crush when Sabrina was Sabra, the big pop star scarlet. These two become great co-workers who then become lovers. Wade and Sabrina are falling for one another, but there's Beau who sees he's loving Sabrina and may finally give Sabrina want she has wanted from him after ten years. Can Wade can complete for Sabrina's heart?


Natural Harmony was a great romance, especially the spin with a heroine in power who is involved with a younger man who helps her build up her confidence and proves that true love is possible and full of respect and kindness. The slight love triangle angle is enjoyable, as well as the insight into the music industry.


I really enjoyed this one, including the Sabrina and her hot and sexy relationship with Wade, who is a great love interest.


I'll keep my eye on more from this author.