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Review: The Do Over

The Do Over - A.L. Zaun

This is the type of book that should have never been published as is. it's the type of book that is eye rolling and where you want to throw it against the wall it's such a bad read.


Basically Dani, the heroine is bumped by Rick, the hot to trot, sexually obsessed jerk because he felt the need to be a free agent because she's the type of woman who is marriage material, never mind that she is explosive in bed. Dani is heartbroken and tries to move on and then meets the too good to be true firefighter, Liam, who we never really see in action at his job. Rick sees Dani at a club 2 years later and decides he wants her back and will try and win her from Liam who Dani is falling for.


Everything about this story should have worked, but the writing is very poor and needs a total rehaul with everything from the plot to the characters. We are given 3 POVs, from Dani, the Kindle obsessed reading addict, to Rick and then to Liam. The authors can't write a male POV for anything. Rick comes across as unrealistic in his thoughts and personality. When he sees Dani after 2 years, he goes off in his head about how much he wants her in a very graphic way that had me gagging. Rick is portrayed as deeply chauvinistic and misogynistic to the max. He comes across as very cartoonish. Liam is very dry and ho hum in his portrayal. He loves to call Dani "baby every other sentence. I think the work "baby" was used over 100 times. His connection with Dani, or attraction has this been there, done that feel to it. The sex between them is nothing to be in awe of and is written in a very stale way. There's more sex than actual plot and doesn't really bring anything appealing to this story as a whole.


There is nothing deep in these pages and the characters are wallpaper.


A big pass on this.