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Review: Loving Lord Ash

Loving Lord Ash - Sally MacKenzie

Sally is one of my favorite comedic historical romance authors, and I did enjoy the first 2 books in this series, although as the reader you have to suspend your disbelief. But Loving Lord Ash misses the mark in so many ways. This book doesn't make sense at all, and the outcome is so unbelievable and eye rolling. Also there seems to be some big inconsistencies and many moments of confusion throughout.

First of all, the Duke's first son, the heir to the family name wouldn't be allowed to wed a stable hand's daughter. But it happens here with Kit, the hero, who 8 years ago married his childhood friend and the woman he loved, Jessica, regardless her father was his servant. But after the wedding he drops her off at the country estate and leaves her there, not to see or speak to her 8 years later when he decides he needs an heir. The reason Kit has been so "mean" to Jessica, is that he believes he caught Jessica making love to another man who was their friend. In order to claim Jessica as his own, Kit marries her, but then dumps her, not telling her why he has rejected her, regardless of marrying her. Jessica has no idea and refuses to explain what Kit thinks he saw. 8 years of miscommunication, for what??

The only endearing thing is that Kit was faithful to his marriage and is a virgin. Jessica is a virgin also but she assumes Kit is having orgies left and right because of the gossip she reads in the paper. Kit assumes Jessica is servicing men left and right because he believes the gossip, and the fact she only has men as her servants, which all happen to be gay.

This story isn't plausible in any way and my reaction for most of the time as I read was WTF?!

Such a disappointment, and one book that is one big WTF all around.