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Narcissistic Taters: When Blurbs Go Bad Because of Lack of Editing


Who knew tater tots can be so vindictive?


Strung by Bella Costa:


Emotionally damaged by her Narcissistic ex-husband and isolated by her own fear and grief, Acacia firmly believes she will never be able to trust a man enough to fall in love again. Wanting to help others survive the fallout of similar relationships, rarely recognized as abusive, she sets up a shelter in Washington State, but securing funding is not easy, especially when her reputation is left in taters by her vindictive Ex.

When she receives an incredible offer from a bizarre organization, to support the charity financially, Acacia feels cornered into take the risk and accepting, but the offer, comes with a brooding Adonis, determined to break her from her self inflicted isolation...if she'll let him...if she can find it within herself to trust.



Source: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00I2YBZPA/ref=cm_cd_asin_lnk