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Review: What The Groom Wants

What the Groom Wants - Jade Lee

This book makes no sense to me. It comes across as very convoluted and confusing per the actions of the characters. You really have to suspend your disbelief here, especially with the hero suddenly being offered a title because he is the only last male heir who was birthed on the wrong side of the blanket. The heroine herself was a nuisance, and the reason she just had to bow to down to the villain is laughable, especially since the one she's protecting, her horrible brother doesn't show up until the very end. The villain's motivation, which has some merit, was never fully rounded and revealed. He was borderline soap opera cartoonish and given sadomasochistic qualities for no reason (it's more of a "just because" to grab hold of the reader).

The ending was unbelievable to the point it's laughable and eye rolling. But I will give credit for the love scenes and the hero was more of a beta than an alpha who has this aw shucks quality to him not usually shown in historical romance.