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Should We Care About An Author's Anxiety Disorder Based on Negativity On the Internet?

Should readers care if an author develops an anxiety disorder based on negative reviews or commentary on the internet about their books?


This article in the New York Times mentions:


"But the wolves are everywhere. Veronica Roth, the author of “Divergent,” recently told the press that she has been given a diagnosis of generalized anxiety disorder. It was triggered, she said, by the amount of nasty Internet commentary her writing had generated. There were one-star reviews on Amazon, she said, and complaints that she writes like “a fourth grader.” And the tide keeps rising. One Goodreads reviewer wrote that the most recent book makes him question whether he’ll “ever [read] another dystopian trilogy.” Roth has written on her personal blog, too, about the effects of the “constant, abundant and very, very public” criticism she gets."



Interested in hearing your thoughts about this.