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Review: The Songwriter

The Songwriter - A.P. Jensen

The blurb was the reason I wanted to read The Songwriter, and the fact it was free for the Kindle. I'm a sucker for these types of stories with a rock star hero (he's a country music star in this tale) and the heroine, who has loved the hero from afar for too long, but should be appealing to the reader so we can sympathize with her plight. Unfortunately due to a Mary Sue heroine and a major lack of editing, which is glaring, The Songwriter gets a big fail from me.

If The Songwriter had professional editing, it would have really shined. There is missing comma placement and far too many passive words. The word "was" is used too often (overkill really) including long winding sentences that could have been trimmed down and still be effective. Characters enter a scene and are not introduced right away, leaving the reader confused as to what their role is. The love scenes are too clinical and not appealing, very cut and dry. All these issues could have been fixed with a good content and copy editor.

What can't be fixed is Gwen, the Mary Sue heroine who is, oh so perfect from her personality, to her looks (even though she has curves and isn't "thin" and prefers to dress in jeans and T-shirts), and has a voice of an angel, even though she hasn't had any voice training. But she can sing like a pop diva in less than two weeks because of the hero's special training. She has known Trey for years, and in turn he asks her for help over the years, basically using her because there’s no one else he can turn to. He’s also somewhat manipulative because Gwen is a pushover when it comes to him. But because she can’t say “no” to Trey, she does what he wants, giving in very easily. Suddenly as they bond over their practicing, she gains a big boost of self-confidence. A light bulb goes off in Trey’s head (once he sees Gwen all dressed up and with makeup). Gwen is the perfect woman for him! A cliché I usually find adorable, but here it rings false here because the writing is just not up to par.

The Songwriter has so much promise, but it gets a failing grade because of no editing to speak of, which is insulting to readers who pay for something that should be a quality read. The Songwriter is far from quality.


Big pass on this lacking, unedited book.