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Review: Lovely Viscious

Lovely Vicious  - Sara Wolf

This book is manic and loopy, barely making any sense. Half way though I was dizzy because the way these characters act are very strange. This is unlike any YA I've read recently, and I'm not sure what the point of the books was and the reason for the outcome. At times I felt like this was some strange acid trip, a fantastical farce with no pay off.


The first chapter does grab you as we're introduced to Isis who is introduced as a strong will, tough girl who has a difficult past she is trying to correct so she has a better present and future. She has lost 85 pounds (which is never really explained and then forgotten) but still thinks she's ugly. The boy she loved didn't return her feelings (which is stated too many times to count). Isis is snarky, honest but pretty loyal. She targets the rich, popular boy Jack who comes across as rude and egotistical. All the girls want him to the point they write him poetry or allow him to be cruel to them because he's so handsome. Isis isn't down with Jack and wants to embarrass him every chance she gets. Soon they are at war. He even blackmails the principal to post pictures of Isis all over the school of when she was heavier in order to embarrass her. She places drugs in his locker as payback. They snipe at one another and then end up kissing. Why? I had no idea.


This is so unrealistic and convoluted. Jack works as an escort on the side. Yup, at 17 he's an escort. WTF? Isis's obsession with Jack and making him look like a fool is disturbing. She doesn't make any sense and is unstable in everything she does.


I wish I could explain the plot, but there isn't one that I can find because the story is all over the place. This is one poorly executed book that has no real purpose.


Big pass on this one.