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The Daily Dot: Young Adult publishing and the John Green effect.

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Very good piece, worth your time.


This was the comment I left:


For sake of argument, is it bad that a book ends up selling well because he recommends it? Also lists like NYT and USA Today are based on sales, so if his books are selling more than most YA books, regardless of it being written by a man or a woman, it will chart. Veronica Roth's Divergent trilogy for the past month has been in the top 10, coming close to beating Green in sales.

I hate to say this, but maybe there aren't many YA's selling well recently like Green's books are, especially Stars that has a lot of buzz behind it because of the movie. Unfortunately I can't think of any YA's coming out in the next few months that are getting a lot of buzz and may sell well. :(


Any thoughts?