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P2P Fan Fiction Review: Locked

Locked - Eva Morgan

Found out after I read Locked that it's Sherlock Holmes P2P: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10098753/1/Locked.


Locked is pretty much based on the popular BBC TV series, Sherlock, but with a YA spin to it. The premise caught my eye, but the author really needs to go back to the drawing board with this one. There are many editing errors such as lowercase words for names, and the biggest offense is gender nouns goof. An example of this is when Sherlock it talking about Irene, the heroine while she is in the same room, Sherlock says "he" when she means "she", as in Irene. This happened more than once and had me doing a double take. There's also way too much telling and not enough showing. A good editor could have fixed these problems, but it's apparent there was no editing, or the editor used did a sloppy job.


The writing is one big convoluted mess. What I thought would be a murder mystery investigation about the death of Irene's sister becomes this Beverly Hill 90210 type of plot where Irene is treated as an outcast and Sherlock latches on to her for no reason. I guess she's supposed to be his Watson? Also out of nowhere, Irene is known as Ares, a secret advice columnist of some sort where her fellow students write to her to help fix their problems. At one point she ends up half naked in some boy's room to prove he's cheating on his girlfriend. The so-called girlfriend, who didn't reach out to Irene (an imposter did), sends her half naked pictures to everyone in the school and on social media. Now Irene and Sherlock must find out wants revenge against Irene for no real reason that is explained.


The author tries to make Sherlock like Benedict Cumberbatch's portrayal of Sherlock, but it fails on paper. Sherlock comes across as way too robotic and spouts nonsense that makes you scratch your head more as you read. He's annoying and not at all seductive or admirable.


Big reading fail here. Should have never been published as is.