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Review: Beach Glass

Beach Glass - Suzan Colon

Beach Glass by Suzan Colon is a tearjerker with a bittersweet ending that will make you smile. I can see this has a Hallmark or Lifetime movie that shows how a woman can love two men in different ways and still end up with a wonderful HEA. True love heals all wounds here regarding the heroine, Katy.


Katy is a freelance writer who has just turned thirty and wants marriage and kids. You could say her biological clock is ticking. She has the best boyfriend of five years- Daniel, who’s a few years younger than her. She thinks he’s going to propose on her 30th birthday, but he doesn’t. She then gives him an ultimatum or she’s out the door. Daniel doesn’t believe in marriage and isn’t ready for kids because of his parents’ horrible divorce. Katy feels time is ticking away and needs more of a commitment from Daniel. He refuses to give her that. Heartbroken, Katy ends things with Daniel even though she adores him and he adores her. But they are at a standstill in regards with what both wants from one another.


Katy is offered a job from a travel magazine to report about a surf camp in Costa Rica. She meets the carefree and handsome Carson, her surfing instructor. They bond over the week and soon Katy can’t deny her attraction to Carson. Daniel is always in the back of her mind, but she has to move on from him. Carson helps her embrace a new way of life, and in turn she falls in love with him. He also falls for her and they decide to make it work even though Caron’s outlook on life is very different from her own. Plus Carson has been keeping a few secrets from Katy that puts a few bumps in their relationship. Daniel wants a second chance with Katy, but by then it’s too late because she has moved on with Carson.



And then disaster happens.


I won’t give away what that disaster is, but it’s heartbreaking for Katy. She has to learn to deal with the loss, and because of it, she becomes a stronger person. She also has to deal with a sudden surprise while she experiences a horrible trauma. But this surprise is a blessing in disguise and gives her hope and the promise of a great future. The ending is awww worthy and what I exactly want in my romance.


Beach Glass is like a smooth tropical breeze that wraps you up in a big hug, and one book I recommend romance fans, especially those who like contemporary (with a semi-chick lit feel) try. A very uplifting read that makes you want to embrace life and live each day as if it’s your last.