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Review: Star Struck

Star Struck (Starlight Series) - J.S.  Taylor

Star Struck kept me entertained to a point. I will say that J.S. Taylor has something special with her writing because it’s engaging, but there are some problems. First of all this book is nothing like Fifty Shades of Grey regardless of it being marketed as that.  Also on the cover it’s  stated that Star Struck is a  so-called best seller, which is deceiving also because there is no proof otherwise. That’s where J.S. fails, and it’s manipulative marketing that really should be re-thought. Star Struck is more of a New Adult/ Chick-Lit type book, not an erotic romance, although the love scenes between Adam and Summer are steamy, and yet somewhat out of place because of the overall tone of the book. Adam is toted as a good guy (not really the rebel man ho singer the public believes him to be). But when he gets Summer naked, he acts like this dominate lover who wants to tie Summer up or engage in some kink when they have sex. The love scenes seem out of place in this cutesy novel about a Welsh girl (Summer) and her two girl friends who want to win an X-Factor type reality show so they can be the next big thing in music.


Because this takes place in England, the slang is heavily British, and I found myself confused with the dialect. I had to re-read a few times to understand the conversations between the characters. I assume Star Struck is only meant for a British audience? Also Summer comes across as a Mary Sue who has a perfect voice, wonderful hair and looks spectacular in something simple as jeans and a T-shirt. She is just over the top nice and is very positive, including having a knack for fixing any problems that may arise. She and Adam do click, but again the tone of the love scenes really don’t jive here.


This is an open ended book, but I have a feeling it will have a predictable ending.

Star Struck is nothing to write home about and would benefit with better editing.