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Review: Falling for the Lawyer

Falling for the Lawyer - Anna Clifton

More on the sweeter and tender side with a Bridget Jones vibe to it, but unfortunately the heroine Alex is a sad sack who is so indecisive and has everyone walk all over her, including the large than life JP, who ends up being her boss. They had a meet cute and soon after they're falling head of heels in love with one another in less than two weeks. Why JP falls for the very lacking personable Alex in two weeks doesn't really make sense.The insta-love JP has for Alex is the type the reader has to suspend their disbelief for and comes across as they lived happily ever after fairy tale ending. Think saccharine sweet to the point you want to gag on it.


The rest of the characters are wall-paperish and one-dimensional. I also found some editing errors such as lack of commas and apostrophes that threw me out of the story. Another round of hard copy editing is needed here.


I did like JP, but Alex had no admirable traits or any amazing abilities in her personality or looks that would make a man like JP think of her as his soul mate.


Pass on this one.