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Review: Skinny Dipping

Skinny Dipping - Alicia M. Kaye

This one has a big chick-lit/ Bridget Jones vibe. The heroine Sophie has a big fear of swimming because she almost drowned when she was younger. Her client, Matthew, the hunky millionaire who owns a swimming club wants to teach her to swim. Sophie jumps in the deep end, so to speak, as she deals with many sudden upheavals in her life such as her long term boyfriend dumping her because she's too career driven and won't cook for him. Plus her job many get slashed, and her father is depressed because he lost his job and wants her to keep it a secret from Sophie's mother.


Sophie and Matthew have a big attraction going on but he's her client and things must stay professional between them. But Matthew is crossing some lines and wants more from Sophie. She questions his feelings since he still can't get over the death of his beloved girlfriend who also drowned (Sophie and Matthew almost have sex and he blurts out Rebecca's name during the act. Ouch for Sophie).


Skinny Dipping has some cute moments and did keep me entertained to a point. Matthew is a lovely guy, more beta than alpha. His chemistry with Sophie is believable, but things falter toward the end. Sophie's story with her possible cheating ex-boyfriend is never really out to rest, and even after Matthew calls out his deceased girlfriend's name while intimate with Sophie, she is willing to believe he loves her, and she feels the same. They never discuss how hurt she was over saying the wrong name during sex, which rubbed me the wrong way. I wanted more closure regarding that and how Matthew really does love Sophie. I just couldn't get behind his sudden, "I love you" to Sophie. It felt too rushed and canned.


Skinny Dipping was an okay read with some delightful moments, but more fluffy than deep. The HEA leaves me wanting more also.