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You Know You're An Online Bully by Author, Elle Casey

"You know you’re an online bully when …

You’re not a forum moderator, but you go to the forums and “police” them anyway, scolding, lecturing, or taking action against other posters when they do things that don’t follow your rules of proper behavior.
You see a message from someone online discussing an author’s poor behavior, and then seek out that author online and say negative things to or about her, like a judge meting out a form of punishment. And/or you incite others to join the fray.  The overriding thought here is: “We need to teach that author a lesson.”
You write a negative book review for a book you haven’t read.
You write a book review that includes negative personal judgments about the author.
You do anything online with this thought providing the impetus: “Oh, yeah? Well, I’ll show her…” or “I’m going to teach this person a lesson…”
You down-vote positive reviews for any reason other than it was not helpful to your buying decision. e.g. You use down-voting to manipulate an author’s ranking as a form of punishment or retribution.
You threaten physical violence to an author.
You threaten to harm the reputation, career, sales, or income of a writer.
You accuse an author of buying reviews or gaming the system when you have no actual proof and only suppositions based on detective work that consists of reading reviews and finding them suspicious."


My response:


If Anne Rice and other authors like yourself feel reviewers or whomever leave reviews/opinions for products on Amazon and elsewhere (such as IMDB for movies and Yelp for restaurants) must have their true identities listed on their reviews, then the same rules should apply for authors, correct? Authors then shouldn't hide behind their pseudonyms if they're asking the same for the consumers/readers who post reviews? If an author is going to interact with a reviewer then the author should have their real identity out there, just as the same as the reviewer.

If authors are asking for all these "rules" for reviewers, then the same type of rules should apply for authors.

Also Elle, do you read your reviews here and on other sites such as Amazon, B&N, All Romance Ebooks and on blogs. If so, why? I always thought reviews were for readers not authors?


Thoughts, anyone?

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/author_blog_posts/5862173-you-know-you-re-an-online-bully-when?page=4