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My question to Anne Rice

Reblogged from Moonlight Reader:

In the spirit of Amanda Welling's open letter, I have a question for Ms. Rice.


Instead of tilting at windmills and trying to rid the world of negative reviews one meanie reviewer at a time, why is she not doing something positive.



Like, for example, reading self-published books and posting positive reviews of good ones. With her fandom, she could make one indie a star every week. Every day, even. 365 success stories a year. 365 obscure but deserving authors plucked from obscurity by their fairy godmother, Anne Rice.


If she apparently feels like she can tell reviewers how they should review, shouldn't she equally be open to criticism of her own reviewing practices. She only reviews mainstream books. Why is this?



It couldn't be that she is utterly full of crap and is completely self-serving.

Could it?