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Review: Cassidy Lane

Cassidy Lane - Maria Murnane

Cassidy Lane started out cute but then went down hill fast. The heroine, Cassidy, who is an author in NYC has such a self-esteem problem that it grew very grating on the nerves. She constantly second guesses herself and acts more like she is around college age than thirty-eight. She harps on how old she is, how she is single, but isn't good enough for a man. She meets an old school mate at her high school reunion who is a very sweet guy. Brandon thinks the world of Cassidy and goes out of his way to make their long distance relationship work. I guess it's good he doesn't live close enough to Cassidy to see her everyday because he would dump her for being such a sad sack.


Cassidy is a heroine without any "balls" or an engaging personality. Also the story becomes very stale too fast.


Total fail.