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Review: Apples Should Be Red

Apples Should Be Red - Penny Watson

Penny Watson proves that romance is alive, well and sexy after fifty-five with this adorable novella about two opposites attracting. Apples Should Be Red is set around Thanksgiving, but can be read all year around. Beverly is a fifty-nine year old straight laced, pearl wearing Martha Stewart type woman who’s a widow. She’s forced to stay with her daughter's rude, crude, crotchety father-in-law, Tom. Tom is a sixty-two year old widower who smokes, curses like a truck driver, drinks like a fish but likes to garden. He can't stand Bev, but he'll play nice for his son.


Bev and Tom walk on eggshells around one another, well mostly Bev does. Tom loves to annoy Bev, but in the three days they’re in each other's company, they bond and start to understand each other better. Both their marriages were less than ideal, which gives some insight on why both act the way they do, especially Bev, and why she needs everything to be perfect. Soon Tom wants to liberate Bev in ways he would have never even imagined before, which means a lot of kissing, among other things that lead to the bedroom.


I adored Apples Should Be Red. Tom was a real hoot, and Bev is lovely and really brings out Tom's good side. These two can sure heat up the pages. Tom unleashes Bev’s passion, and she in turn shows Tom that sometimes sweet is better than sour. I wished their wonderful road to romance and happiness was longer because I didn't want it to end. There are many positive messages here and the ending is beautiful and tugs at the heart.


Regardless of what age you may be, you'll get a kick out of Apples Should Be Red. Definitely give it a read.