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Review: Seeing Stars

Seeing Stars (The Celebrity Series) - J. Sterling

Seeing Stars is a straight up solid romance I wish was a bit longer because it's too pat after all is said and done.The characters and writing grabbed me from the start but the ending was less than satisfactory. This isn't your typical rock star hero falling for the spunky heroine. J. Sterling gives a nice little twist with this one that had me gasping because it was very unexpected. I applaud her for that.


Walker and Madison (or his Sparkles, as he nicknames her in a very cute way) have great chemistry. Walker may seem at first as egotistical  and entitled celebrity, but that is quickly squashed. The dinner Madison is forced to go on after Walker won't leave her alone was the best part of the book because she refuses to act like his typical star struck fans. Madison's POV and her thoughts had me smiling. Everything she thinks is what I would be thinking if I was in her shoes. These two end up being very adorable together.


Seeing Stars was entertaining, but I was wishing for something a bit deeper, especially when we're given insight on Walker and Madison's pasts.Things are rushed toward the end in a way that left me unsatisfied. The plot would have benefited by a longer story arc.


Overall, a very enjoyable read.