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Review: Bad Boy of New Orleans

Bad Boy of New Orleans - Mallory Rush

This one was originally published in 1990 and reads like a Harlequin Presents category with an rich alpha hero who wants to reclaim the woman he loved and lost. The hero, Chance is a so-called bad boy who made his fortune and wants the love of his life back, the lovely Micah who is now widowed. Micah's deceased husband was a gambler who went through all their money and treated Micah poorly. Micah is left with nothing and has no one to turn to help, except for Chance who won't let her starve. Micah wants to make it on her own without Chance's help, but Chance won't take the word, "no" for an answers. The nice twist here is that Chance isn't a dominating jerk but empowers Micah. Chance is a swoonworthy hero who wants to protect Micah but also help her regain her self confidence.


Even though this is set in New Orleans, it doesn't have that feel to it with the dialogue and setting. At no time did I feel Chance and Micah were New Orleans natives. but other than that, I did enjoy Bad Boy of New Orleans. Chance and Micah had great chemistry and the foreplay leading up to the final passionate act between them was satisfying.


Bad Boy of New Orleans is perfect for readers who enjoy category romance.