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Review: On the Surface

On the Surface - Kate Willoughby

On the Surface is the near perfect sports, contemporary romance. Hockey fans, rejoice! The hero Tim, an aging hockey star has stolen my heart. He's in his mid-thirties and loves playing hockey, but knows he doesn't haven't many years left. He's paying for a new team in the hopes he can still make goals and go down in history as one of the best players in the NHL. He's divorced and haunted by the death of his 8 year old daughter who died of Leukemia.


Erin is a pediatric nurse who has a crush on a doctor at her hospital. In order to get him to notice her, she goes to a autograph signing at a burger place where some of the players from the Barracudas are signing. Erin has no clue about hockey, but hopes she can get a hat signed for her doctor. One of the so-called fans pushes Erin down while in line, and Tim comes to her rescue. She comes to Tim's defense and soon these two start dating. Tim is smitten with Erin and wants something more permanent with Erin, although he never wants to have children because of what happened to his own daughter. Erin adores Tim but she doesn't know if she can give him what she wants.


On the Surface is loveable to the max. Tim and Erin mesh so well together. Their love scenes are excellent and smoldering hot. Also Kate really knows how to write men well, especially Tim and his hockey buds. Their conversations were enjoyable to read. This is a very character driven novel with moments of emotional drama because of Tim's issues with losing his daughter he loved so much, and how he'll build a future with Erin. The fact that Tim realizes his true feelings for Erin before she did was a big plus.


I have a lot of love for On the Surface and one of the best contemporary romances I've read so far this year. Read this one!