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Review: Just Like Heaven

Just Like Heaven - Lacey Baker

Fans of small town romance or those who enjoy Debbie Macomber, will get a kick out of Just Like Heaven by Lacey Baker. There’s so much puppy love in this book, as well as a nice romance that tugs on the heart. The Cantrell family unit is strong here. They’re all about supporting one another. The lawyer hero, Preston has semi alpha tendencies when he meets the heroine, Heaven who has been though a horrible ordeal. She feels owning a dog might just be the therapy she needs. She also has less than loving parents and has some social anxiety. She comes to Sweetland to buy a puppy, and that’s where she meets Preston and his siblings. Preston rubs Heaven the wrong way at first, but they bond very quickly, and from that they fall in love. Preston becomes very protective of Heaven because she’s hiding secrets. Plus it appears she may have a stalker who wants to harm her.


Just like Heaven is an entertaining novel with enjoyable characters. I can see this as a TV show, like the Gilmore Girls. There were also some moments of humor from the colorful characters who make up Sweetwater. Preston and Heaven have great chemistry together, and watching them connect and act on their attraction was satisfying. There is a suspense element toward the end that has Preston coming to Heaven’s rescue. Some may find the mystery tone a bit off putting because it really doesn’t fit the overall tone of the story. But overall, Just Like Heaven is a solid reading experience.


I’ll definitely keep my eye on future books in the Sweetland series because I want to see all Cantrell siblings, and their adorable puppies find HEAs.