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When Online Reviewing Is No Longer Fun

My thoughts: This comes back to the age old questions: Why are authors reading their reviews in the first place? And why does an author assume a reader or reviewer is being mean if the reviewer dares to point out issues they have with an author's book?

Authors are selling a product, not their "baby" or their "precious precious". Authors really need to think of themselves as CEOs or owners of a company, especially if they are self-published. Can you imagine if a CEO of some big company like The Gap, H&M or a restaurant like The Olive Garden or TGIF's attacked their customers vocally, accusing their customers of being haters or being too mean because they had issues with their meal or an article of clothing?

Also authors are artists, just like singers and actors. In the entertainment field, you're going to get a whole lot of criticism, both good and bad. Critics, reviewers and fans are 100 times worse in their opinion when it comes to actors and singers, and say some of the most horrible and cruel things, making it very personal. Look what is happening to Lady Gaga as an example. 2 years ago she was praised and bowed down to, now she is the butt of so many jokes and harsh on-line criticism for her latest album and her artistic merit.

Why should authors be held above approach and handled with kids gloves when other artists or companies aren't?"


What happens if no one posts any reviews of any books on-line or talks about books? Then what?

Source: http://dearauthor.com/book-reviews/where-has-the-fun-gone/#comment-732910