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Review: Discovering Lucy

Discovering Lucy - Laura Dunaway, Jennifer Roberts-Hall

Discovering Lucy has very weak characters and writing. It is a very one-dimensional story even with the abuse Lucy endured by her very one-dimensional abusive ex-boyfriend. It reads like a category romance, but the writing has a very juvenile feel to it. Lucy has very Mary Sue type qualities, and her knight in shining armor, the oh so perfect, Knox is too fairy tale like to be taken seriously.


Lucy screams every time she has sex with Knox. So much screaming that I started to count that word and the amount of times it came up. There is a suspense mystery element that fails on delivery because it's so obvious to count the dots.


Discovering Lucy is tripe and insipid storytelling that leaves the reader bored more than half way through the plot, which doesn't have much to it.


A major pass on this one.