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Review: Play

Play (A Stage Dive Novel) - Kylie Scott

Play is the second book in Kylie Scott’s Stage Dive series about Stage Dive, a rock band. Lick, the first book, featured David, the lead guitarist and his romance with Ev, a woman he met in Las Vegas and ended up marrying. Play is Malcolm, the drummer’s story. Mal is very crude, snarky, doesn’t have a filter, but is a happy go lucky type of guy, or so it seems to his band mates and anyone he comes in contact with. He comes from a big family with loving parents. He’s the total opposite of Anne, whose dealing with an emotionally unstable mother while helping her younger sister pay for college. Anne works in a book store barely making ends meet. She has a crush on her boss Reese, who uses their friendship to his advantage when it suits him. Poor Anne comes home one night and sees her roommate has left with the furniture and the rent money owed. Anne is up a creek without a paddle because if she doesn’t find a new roommate and fast, she’ll be out on the street. Her friend and next door neighbor, Lauren invites her to a party hosted by Stage Dive. Lauren wants Anne to forget her problem for a while. Anne goes, thinking she won’t fit in. What she doesn’t expect is to see and chat with Mal, who she once had a big crush on growing up. There’s something about Anne that Mal likes. He really wants her as a friend, and then does something so out of the blue that turns Anne’s world upside down. He moves in with her without her permission. He ends up staying and even buys her new furniture.


Mal is so loveable, and very cheeky that Anne can’t say no to him. He’s a big flirt and wouldn’t mind having a friends with benefits type relationship, but doesn’t want to hurt Anne. He asks her a big favor- to be his pretend girlfriend for reasons he won’t reveal (the reason why will tug at your heart and may lead you to some tears). Anne goes along with the façade, even though Mal lays it on thick, especially when Reese comes around. Mal also wants to protect Anne because she’s so nice and caring, and people take advantage of her because it. He soaks her kindness up like a glove. Anne doesn’t know where she stands with Mal because he hides his true self that not even his friends can touch, that is until Mal allows Anne to break down his emotional walls.


Mal Mal Mal… Play is all about Mal, the loopy, hot, swoonworthy hero who will grab hold of you and won’t let go. If you love contemporary romance with a to die for rock star hero, you need to read Play. Mal may just end up being my favorite hero of 2014.


Play could be considered New Adult because of the ages of the main couple. Anne, the heroine has had a hard knock life because of her mother being emotionally detached and depressed. Anne does the best she can do, especially for her younger sister she adores. But then Mal comes along and sweeps her off her feet. He’s a true Prince Charming. I want my own Mal!


I have so much love for Mal and Anne. Kylie has hit a home run with Play. The sex is smoldering hot, especially during one scene where Mal pays homage to a certain part of Anne’s anatomy. This small scene shows how adorable and hot as all get out Malcolm is. (also very naughty and risque):


His hands moved up my legs, spreading them wide. Cool as can be, he lay flat on my stomach, face level with my sex.




“I’m not talking to you,” he said, fingers gently folding back the lips of my sex.


“You’re not?”


“No. You had your chance to communicate with me and you chose not to. You let this relationship down. Feel bad, Anne…”


My hips shot off the mattress but his hands were there, holding me down. “Hello, Anne’s clitoris. It’s me, Malcolm, your lord and master.”


The scene above is just one of the few love scenes you may need to down a glass of ice water. There’s also this unbelievable lusty limo scene where Anne takes matters into her own hands regarding her fake girlfriend status with Mal.


Play met my expectations and then some. I can’t wait for more from Kylie and the HEAs she has planned to the rest of the Stage Dive crew.


Do yourself a favor and read Play, STAT.


Mal, take me I’m yours!