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I published my first novel....yup.

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April Lööf, heiress to one of the biggest banking families in Switzerland, is tired of the good girl routine she has to keep firmly in place. Her daddy finally agrees to give her space and April is allowed to vacation abroad. Her dream vacay is the land of Oz, so April and a few of her girlfriends, head down under for a little adventure and hopefully some romance.


While sunbathing on the stunning beaches of the Gold Coast, April spots a fin in the water but blows it off as her paranoia. She goes in the water anyway and floats out a little too far. Suddenly there is a fin circling her and April is experiencing terror like never before. Her fear overtakes her and April faints. It would have meant certain death by drowning, but instead April wakes up on the shores of the beach, rocks jut all around her, she’s isolated and the sexiest man is staring down at her with strange black eyes…April goes from terror to tantalized as the world of the shark shifters is revealed to her and their stunningly erotic lifestyle is introduced one fantasy at a time. April will never be the same and neither will her frenzied new lover. You’ll never think of a feeding frenzy the same after you read this book!


Read it for free here.