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Review: The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line - Sandy James

The Bottom Line is the first book I’ve read by Sandy James, and it certainly won’t be my last. This is a solid romance with a heroine recovering from breast cancer. Mallory is a teacher whose rat bastard of a husband left her after he found out she was diagnosed with cancer. She is in remission after surgery, but still recovering from both the emotional and physical side effects of this horrible disease. She is a woman we can all admire because of her strength, and you feel for her situation right from the start. She has a great support with three of her fellow teachers, who call themselves, The Ladies Who Lunch.


Mallory’s house is falling apart around her. Since her rat bastard ex-husband was in charge of the renovations, he did a shoddy job. Mallory hires a contractor named Ben Carpenter (Carpenter the carpenter- haha). Ben has some personal issues like Mallory. His witch of an ex-wife treats their 13 year old daughter like crap and constantly threatens and verbally attacks Ben just because she is a witch. Ben is a great father and all around good guy. From the moment you meet him, you know he is exactly what Mallory needs.


Mallory is invited to a singles mixer at her friend’s church, and sees Ben. She and Ben dance and then the sparks fly. Soon the carpenter and the teacher are more than just in a professional relationship. Ben and Mallory start dating, and Ben falls for Mallory hard, but she’s holding a piece of herself back. He’s afraid Ben will end up dumping her like her ex-husband. When he figures out what Mallory is hiding, he wants to be supportive but he’s not sure he can give her what she needs because of his own failure as a husband.


Mallory and Ben are a couple I really enjoyed reading about. Their attraction is along the lines of a meet cute, which transform into hot and steamy. Ben sometimes acts like a typical guy, especially when he questions how involved he should get with Mallory, and you want to smack him, but when he realizes his mistakes with Mallory, he’s right there to admit he was wrong and tries fixing things. Ben’s relationship with his daughter was lovely, but his ex-wife is a typical one-dimensional villain found in these types of stories.


The Bottom Life should appeal to fans of contemporary romance that also has a slight Chick-Lit feel. Do yourself a favor and check this one out. You won’t be disappointed.