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Review: Sore Spots

The Last Good Knight Part II: Sore Spots (The Original Sinners) - Tiffany Reisz

One of their own has been hurt and abused. Kingsley will find the person responsible, but wants his people to stay undercover, and that means no sessions or otherwise. Nora is part of this, and Kingsley won't let her do what she wants. He also gives Nora a bodyguard, who happens to be Lance. But she can't play any games with him. Instead Nora and Lance bond and she shows him a bit of her secret world that has molded her into the self assured woman she is now.

But when Lance drops Nora off at home, she defies all reason and goes to the one person who can give her what she needs. This installment ends with her reconnecting in an awesome way with that special person

I loved Lance even more here. Also Nora get a special foot massage from an older client that is more on the sweet side of things.

The dialogue is the reason to read this one. My girl crush on Nora holds no bounds!