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Review: Prince Charming

Prince Charming - S Celi

The best thing about Prince Charming is the male protagonist, Geoff. The author hits high marks in making Geoff such a loveable guy who enjoys excelling at school even though he doesn't know where he fits in at school or at home. Geoff is in between social groups. He's not popular, but not considered a loser. His mother remarried her high school sweetheart after his father died and he lives with his cold step-father and two meat head athlete meat head step-brothers.


Unfortunately the book fails because of Geoff's love interest/crush Laine, one of the popular girls who dates the most popular boy in school. Laine is so sweet and nice and beautiful but she actually as dry as toast. She has no real personality and her push and pull of Geoff was very annoying.


The drama surrounding Laine is eye rolling, especially toward the end when something so ridiculous causes these two incredible angst just to engage the reader's emotions. I didn't believe the HEA for Geoff for a second, and I believe Laine would continue to break his heart. Also their one love scene was duller than dull.


A pretty forgettable novel with an engaging main character, but the writing and overall plot, including wet washcloth Laine makes this book a pass.


I'm giving two stars instead of one because of how much I liked Geoff.