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Review: Scared Scriptless

Scared Scriptless: A Novel - Alison Sweeney

I would give this one more 2.5 stars. It didn't hold my interest like Alison's last book, but her knowledge of the behind the scenes of a television show, as well as producing is very well done. Maddy, the heroine is very entertaining and down to Earth. I loved her relationship with the the star of the show she is the head script write of, as well as her friendship with the owner of the production company that produced the show.

Unfortunately, the romance angle felt very stilted and I felt bored with the love triangle aspect. There is a big Chick-Lit vibe here, but overall I found my eyes glazing over certain sections. There just wasn't enough drama. It's what I call a ho-hum read.

But regardless of my issues with Scared Scriptless, Alison does have a great storytelling skills and I will keep my eye out for her next book.

If you enjoy Chick-Lit with an engaging female protagonist who is smart and mature, as well as with a Hollywood/LA setting, Scared Scriptless may tickle your fancy (even with the disappointing romance involved)