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Review: Love on Location

Love on Location (Random Romance) - Claire Baxter

This is a cute tale about a young woman who is a location scout for a production company that produces movies and TV specials in Australia. Shayna dreams of working in American in Hollywood one day and feels she's close to making her dream a reality. She finds the perfect property for the next production shoot, but she has to talk the owner into letting them use the house. The owner is Lachlan Deverill, a successful architect whose parents are film legends. Lachlan left the limelight, and doesn't talk to his parents because he was forced into acting like his parents. At first he refuses to have anything to do with Shayna and her plans for his house, but he relents because he's attracted to her.

Shayna is trying to stay a professional and not act on her attraction to Lachlan, who doesn't understand why they just can't have some fun during the filming. Lachlan wants a no frills affair with Shayna, but she is afraid she'll use her job, plus she finds it hard to trust people because of her past as a foster child. But she gives into Lachlan's demands (or rather his seduction) and from there they have an interesting sexual relationship that grows into something much more than both ever would have imagined.

Love on Location is a "sweet" romance. It's the perfect read for teens or readers who enjoy fade to black love scenes. Lachlan is very attracted to Shayna because of her wonderful personality and her inner beauty that shines brightly. Shayna comes across as a very positive person and feels she has the skills to succeed in life. Readers will sympathize with her, although they may get upset with Lachlan, who is fine with a physical relationship with Shayna, but won't admit he wants much more with her. He comes across as stubborn, and at times entitled, but when all is said and done, he and Shayna are a great couple.

The ending is very pat and the happily ever after a reader would expect in a romance like this. Not a bad read.